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Famous Amos

It’s weird how fame works. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t. We all know some pretty famous people. Some become famous for all the right reasons, some for the wrong reasons.

We have people like Mandela, who fought against the apartheid rule in South Africa. Then we have the scientists, people whose contributions made a significant improvement (or deprovement) to the world at large. We think of people like Einstein and Newton. Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers – all of whom have contributed something scientifically to the society. Then we have the celebrities – people who become famous because their faces are all over the big and small screen. Here, you’d think of the Brad Pitts and the Megan Foxes and the Meryl Streeps. The atheletes – people who become famous because they won honors by representing their respective countries in competitions and winning. Here we have the David Beckhams, the Michael Jordans and the Tiger Woods’. Then there are artists – people who, either by songs, poems, plays or paintings, become immortalized for the very work they do. In this field, you have people like Picasso, da Vinci, Shakespeare, and of course, the more modern Lady Gaga.

And finally last (and probably the least as well), the people who got famous because of all the wrong reasons. People like Saddam, Osama, O. J. Simpson and Hitler.

Question here is, what did these people do to get famous? I mean, sure they got famous for what they did, but why didn’t anyone else who did the same things get famous?

Take for instance, Lee Chong Wei. If I were to walk up to 10 people over here in the UK and ask if anyone knows this name, you probably get zero yes’es. Now you reading this may also be wondering who this guy is. Well in case you’re wondering, Dato’ Lee Chong Wei is a badminton player. But not just any badminton player, he is the world number 1. That means he’s the best in the world. The top man. The bee’s knees. Top dog. Cream of the crop. But no. Nobody knows him. Only people in Malaysia do. Even those in China can only recall him after several probings. WHY??!?!?!?!

Next you have Pua Khein-Seng. This is going to draw a lot more question marks in your head. Now he is Malaysian, but even some people from Malaysia don’t know him. So for those of you who don’t, have you heard of a USB flash-drive? Other names for it include thumbdrive, pendrive, USB stick, and many more! So yes. We’ve heard of it. We use it everyday. Well not everyday, but a commoner on the street would know what it is. Now my next question for you: Who was the first person to invent the flash drive? Yup, you guessed right – it’s that man. Or so he claims. Specifically, he claims to have incorporated the world’s first single chip USB flash controller. According to wiki though, the first people (or in this case, company) which patented this invention is an Israeli company. Stupid fella why didn’t he go patent it first before them?!?!

But yes, you get my point – there are certain people who happen to be famous because of what they do, but when similar people come along and achieve a similar thing, they never get the fame they deserve. Of course, this is not saying that these people were searching for it in the first place; in fact, probably most of these famous people did not even expect to be where they are today. The thing is, what makes people famous? Certainly part of it is the achievements they get, but surely there’s got to be more than that.

Every now and then, Westerners go to Singapore for various reasons – business trips, holidays, and some even just on connecting flights to somewhere else, perhaps Australia or New Zealand. Every single one of them has been there, come back and raved about how good their food is. As such, Singapore food becomes so famous over in this part of the world that we get Singapore noodles. Two problems with that – 1. Everyone thinks Singapore food is the bomb, but little did they know that there is a standard much higher that Singapore often fall short of time and time again – and that standard is Malaysian food! 2. What in the world is Singapore noodles?! I studied in Singapore for four whole years and I have never heard of nor seen Singapore noodles in my life.

So here we have it again – Malaysia has awesome food – even Grayson Chance can testify to that! (watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiosPxt_5kw, starting from around 3:50) – but YET, not many people know about it!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Something is going here. I can sense it. I can feel it. Yes. Something needs to be done. Something. But what??

On a different note, here’s a song that I find very, very meaningful. And for people who make fun of this song, shame on you!


  1. Yy
    May 23, 2012 at 11:11 AM

    Yeah no wonder knows LCW, esp in UK. Unfair.

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