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Have You Ever

July 27, 2011 2 comments

Have you ever… thought some of your friends were secret agents working for the government and then spent years trying to prove it only to find out after all these years you were wrong?

Have you ever… felt that sometimes what you said made someone upset only to realize that it meant the world to that person?

Have you ever… thought you were going to win the race only for your engine to give way with 3 laps to go?

Have you ever… thought about celebrating your win with your girlfriend only to realize that your opponent just pulled a decisive defense against your attack and you end up losing?

The point is.. sometimes things aren’t what they seem to be. Sometimes this is good, and other times this is horrible to even imagine.

So what do you do when such things happen?

Falcon, OUT!


M ‘N’ O

So I heard this morning that Emma Watson is studying at Oxford this coming Michaelmas Term.

“btw u might meet emma watson in oxford. haha”
“lol seriously? i tot she was studying in us?”

And then I found out that she’s on exchange. From Brown University. To Oxford University. From one top uni to another. As the Brits would say… brilliant!

But knowing that she’s English (and from Oxford!), it was kinda surprising that Brown allowed her to go back. I know NUS wouldn’t allow me to go on exchange back to Malaysia, not that I would want anyway, but more on that later!

Too bad though. She’ll be at Worchester College as an undergrad. I’ll be staying in Wadham College as a grad student, but studying in the Mathematical Institute. I doubt she’d wanna go there, so I don’t think we’ll ever bump into each other. Not that she’ll care anyway. But she’s 21. Hmm… not too young. Hmm………………………………

So anyway, we were talking about Malaysian education system. We’ve heard time and time again about how horrible the education system in Malaysia is. Still, the question that my friend once asked me was that, if the Malaysian education system is THAT bad, then why does it keep producing so many talents time and time again?

Good question. It is at this time I recall one of my tutors talking to me about this. He’s a Singaporean, and he said he’s always admired Malaysians, especially the Malaysian Chinese. Now he told us that part of the reason we’re as successful as we are today is because although the government seems to have unfairly treated them and have oppressed them over the years, we rise up fighting, and this has made us what we are today, tough and unyielding. Or something like that!

I can’t help but think he’s right. Recall back to our school days. How many of us relied on our school teachers to teach and educate us? Not many. Why? Because they were simply unreliable. Yup, unreliable. I tell it as it is. My friend once said, “If you pay people peanuts, all you get are monkeys.” So what did we do then? We sourced for help on our own. Most of us turned to tuition centers, while the brighter students studied on their own. At the end of the day, all of us did well in our exams and prepared ourselves for what’s out there. Because of the teachers? No, but because of our own initiatives to want to be better and willingness to improve.

So while the system is rubbish, we have risen to the challenge and learned the lesson that sometimes you can’t depend on others to help you all the time.

What shall we say then? Should we continue offering such lousy education to the future students so they will learn to do the same? Certainly not! While it is not good to provide such a horrible learning environment in school, I do believe that schools can also play a part in helping students cultivate the determination and independence we, the older generation have nurtured on our own.

Of course, everyone wants it, but we’re not in a position to do anything. If we think the upcoming GE is the time for us to change anything, we got another thing coming. So then who’s responsible for it? The Education Minister of course. When will it be done? Who knows. One thing’s for sure though. We definitely need it and we need it now!

On a different note, my arrow has appeared! Great stuff! It will not be long now…

-FALCON, out!

No Eye Dear

July 13, 2011 2 comments

Been thinking about things to talk about for the past few days. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find anything worthy to talk about.

First there’s the current F1 season where Mclaren seem to be falling behind. Nothing to say on that.
Liverpool just beat Guangdong FC 4-3.  At least they won I guess. But how could Agger let that random guy shoot like that?!?!
The Bersih rally – What’s there to speak about? Everything is there on the internet. Go read for yourself.

So what else? I was thinking about talking about how people are successful today not because of anything anyone else has done. Well people and things around them may have had a certain degree of influence, but at the end of the day it was their hard work and their decisions that has done it. Conversely, when people fail, they have nothing and nobody to blame but themselves. But, oh well, there, I just said it in 1 paragraph. What else?

So. Till the next time I get a reasonable inspiration. I’m out!

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