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May 18, 2011 5 comments

I recall back in my undergrad days (yes, I can finally say that now) that as a motivation for a certain area of math, our lecturer would introduce something – a problem, or a thought, or something, and then go on to mention that if this is the end, then life is easy. But life is not so simple, hence this things are not so easy.

Yup. Life is not so simple. Otherwise we won’t have so much problems.

I can’t help but think. No matter how much you wash your clothes, once it stains, it stains. Unless you bleach it of course, but then that destroys the colour as well.

What then? Sometimes in our difficulties, it is easy to think of solutions, but more often than not, difficult to execute them. Take for instance, the New Economic Model introduced by Najib. Good intentions, great plans, but execution has been found wanting time and time again.

If only life was that simple.

Falcon, OUT~

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FA for Foolish Arrogance

When I started watching F1 Schumi wasn’t have a good Ferrari car and Renault were dominating the F1 season. That was the season Fernando Alonso won the first of his two championship titles.

Years after that I learned that Fernando was once Alex’s teammate, and Alex was totally blown away in their Minardi days. Watching how Fernando drove on track, I saw (and perhaps all of us did) that he was a good racer, very competitive as well. Someone told me after his second title that he was joining McLaren because he felt that McLaren had the faster car. Also he said that at times he felt he was lonely at Renault.

So in 2007 we have Fernando the world champion and Lewis the rookie sensation at McLaren. That was indeed a very eventful year for McLaren in F1. First in Australia we saw that Lewis Hamilton was almost as good as Fernando Alonso. But he finished just behind him, and many of the media added the words “and rightly so”, since he was, in effect, the “rookie” driver. It was his first year in F1. As the season progressed, Lewis would sometimes finish higher than Fernando in races, but McLaren as a whole was dominating proceedings. Ferrari was lagging behind. But when Fernando failed to get good results, during the interviews he would blame McLaren for favoring Hamilton over him, giving him the better upgrades first and the better race strategy.

Fast forward to Hockenheim 2010 – Felipe Massa leading the race to Fernando Alonso, both Ferrari teammates. Massa with an outside chance to taking the championship, Alonso in a better position. Here’s what happens.

Notice what happens from 1:27 onwards – “OK this is ridiculous.” <– WHAT?!?! Why?!?!

As a result of this, Ferrari were fined for team orders. I wonder why they were not given time penalties to the results or even disqualify them altogether. Today I came across many many things that has happened in the past.

Let’s start with what happened at McLaren between Lewis and Fernando in 2007.

So here, we have Fernando in 2nd, Lewis in 1st. Fernando obviously thinks he is “faster” than Lewis, and so tries to get past. Unfortunately, Lewis was not like Massa. He wasn’t going to get pushed around. Next, we have Hungary 2007.

Sure, Hamilton never wanted to let Alonso through because he knew then that he would be in the dirty air. But Fernando’s reaction to that in the pit lane and after that was childlish to say the least.

Turns out, though, that this has already happened in years past with Fernando Alonso. These two videos were when Fernando was in Renault with teammate Fisi. Canada 2005 – This is what happens:

The end result?

All credit to Fisi for that!

It gets worse – Turkey 2005.

So we have then “OK. Fernando. is. faster. than. you. Can you confirm you understood that message?” and “…we need to push harder, c’mon mate!” I must say that Renault engineers are smarter than Ferrari’s in terms of disguising team orders. Heh.

So. Fernando Alonso, despite being a great driver, is a spoilt brat who needs his teammate to wave him through so that he can win the championship. When (not if) he doesn’t get what he wants, he whines and whines like a kid as if he was licking an ice-cream cone and then someone snatches is away from him. But wait! Whose ice-cream cone was that in the first place?

No surprise then that Fernando will probably never get to race for McLaren nor Red Bull, since those teams will never allow team orders. So he’s stuck with second rate Ferrari for the rest of his life. Too bad.

Falcon, OUT!