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Of stairs and bruises

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Once, a guy woke up from bed. As he woke, his leg cramped!! Nvm, he thought, don’t dwell on the pain! Think happy thoughts, it’ll all go away.. Guess what? It worked!!

He got off his bed and into the bathroom. As he stepped into the bathroom, the first step he took was a wrong one – he slipped and fell on the floor, eventually dropping his clean clothes he was supposed to change into that day. Annoyed, he got up and went back to his room and got new ones.

After his dealings in the bathroom, he took his stuff and left the house for work. He got himself on the bus and along the way, he realized he forgot to bring with him the report he was supposed to submit that day. Quickly, he rushed back to get it. But when he got back, he could not find his report! He frantically searched his whole place, turned it upside down to get it, but he couldn’t find it. Moments later he realized that he hasn’t printed his report yet. It hasn’t been a good day so far, and it definitely couldn’t get any worse, he thought.

So he printed his report and went on his way. Good, he thought – it was still early and no one has yet arrived. He could finally get some work done in the quiet privacy of his office. Minutes after he arrived and got settled down, his ever-irritating colleague came in. She would bug him every five minutes trying to act cute thinking it would get her to get him to do stuff for her. Just great, he thought! Just when he thought he was the only one there and could have at least an hour of peace, she stepped in. He irritatedly told her without looking in her eyes that he was very busy and couldn’t help her with anything that hour. However she didn’t take no for an answer and kept on bugging him.

Finally he was so fed up he took his blade and stabbed her. Her eyes widened as she collapsed to the floor, blood streaming out of her abdomen. She was dead. Realizing what he had actually done, he quickly called the ambulance and tried to stop the bleeding. But it was too late. She was long dead and gone. The police later came and arrested him for manslaughter. He was due in court in two months time.

Now sub “the guy” with yours truly and particular events with the more appropriate (and less deadly) mishaps that happened. Story of my life.

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Nostalgic Fantasy

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

This sure brings back memories…

Some of the comments there were indeed meaningful in a sense – even if they DID remake FF7 for the PS3 with super cool graphics and all, they wouldn’t ever top these animations – simply splendid..

I think FF7 was the greatest FF ever – storyline wise (Aeris got killed?!?! !@#$#@!@#$ Cait Sith is a traitor?!?! Yuffie stole my money and then my materia?!?! WAT THE !@#$#@!@#$#@!@#$%^&*()) The creators of FF7 deserve a lot of credit for this.. a real classic!

I remember the times where I used to get stuck at a place and I’d call Ian and we’d talk for hours on how to get past something. After that I just searched walkthroughs on the internet to find secrets and stuff. And then I’d play the game over and over again, trying to outdo myself everytime. Andy Goh and I back in primary school would talk about nothing but FF7 during recess.

Ah. Great times, indeed. All of a sudden I’m itching to replay this.. Heh. Anyone got FF7 I can borrow? (and a numpad too!)

-Falcon, OUT!!

Japanese in the 40s

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I think the Japanese did a great job in the 40s during WWII. When they conquered Malaya and Singapore, they tried to create a sense of belonging in the people there – a sense of belonging toward the Japanese nation. They changed the school syllabus to Japanese and made students sing the Japanese national anthems. They tried to propagate the fact that the Japanese were trying to brainwash the people in those days to thinking that what they were doing was liberating them from the Western powers, using the slogan, “Asia for Asians”. It worked, but only for awhile.

Now fast forward 70 years later. Did you EVER think that I’d care about what the Japanese did to us at least 40yrs before I was born? C’mon!

Was doing Complex tutorial the other day, and it reminded me of a joke I heard some time ago:
A mathematician decided to retire from his job and did something more meaningful, in a sense. So he volunteered to be a firemen. He went through the training and then and then had to go for a test. In the test, he was confronted with a burning house. So he quickly went to a nearby firemen water thinguppy, stuck in the hose and used it to put out the fire. Awesomeness ruled his day and he passed as a qualified firemen.

Later that day, he went around setting all the houses in the neighbourhood on fire. His superior asked him, “What the !@#$#@!#$%$@!@#$%^ do you think you’re doing?” He replied, “I just reduced it to a problem I’ve already solved.”

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October 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Today a joke was told about French mathematicians. I decided to extrapolate further.

Question: What’s 2+3? What’s 3+2?
Malaysian mathematician: 5 la. 3+2 and 2+3 same what! What kinda stupid question is this?
French mathematician: 2+3? Dunno. 3+2? Dunno, but what I DO know is that 2+3 = 3+2 since + is commutative.

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October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Heyhey all! After centuries of abandoning my blog, I’ve been wanting to write again. But I shan’t use that old rusty blog. It’s time to start afresh! So here I am! Shall update soon!!

~Falcon, OUT!!

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